# Orders

In Reflow, orders represent all purchases made from your store. You can use them to keep track of sold items, income, taxes, shipping and more.

# Order Reports

In the orders page of the Reflow admin panel you can browse all recent sales of your store. Use the controls at the top of the page to sort, filter and search for specific orders.

Clicking on an order from the list will show a comprehensive report of all the important data for the respective sale.

Order Report

This includes the state of the order, customer details and shipping information, list of sold products with their prices, quantities and variants, a detailed tax breakdown, and more.

# Viewing Order in Payment Provider

The payment provider for an order may have additional data about the sale. To view the order in the respective payment provider dashboard follow the PayPal/Stripe Transaction Link.

# Managing Order Status

Each order will have one of the following statuses indicating its current progress.

pending Order was received but payment hasn't been finalized yet.
processed Order was completed and the transfer was approved by payment provider.
payment failed The customer failed to finish the payment process.
shipped Order has been sent to the customer.
refunded The customer has issued a refund on this order.

The pending, processed and payment failed states are handled automatically by Reflow depending on the payment status.

For shipped and refunded you will need to set the order status yourself. This can be done using the Mark as Shipped and Mark as Refunded buttons at the top of the order details page.

# Exporting

There is also the option for Reflow to generate a detailed CSV file report for all your orders. You can download it at any time using the Export Options button in the orders admin page.