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Selling Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to offer flexibility and convenience to your customers, while also driving sales and revenue for your business. They are easy to manage, great for building customer loyalty and don't have any hidden fees.

PRO Feature

Gift cards are only available in the Reflow PRO plan. Subscribe to get access to gift cards, as well as many other features including email customization options, digital products, and more.

Gift Card Usage Example

Here is a quick overview of what happens when a customer buys and redeems a gift card:

Purchasing a Gift Card

  1. The customer purchases a gift card product, the same way they would a regular physical and digital product.
  2. When the order payment is completed, the customer receives an email with the gift card code.
  3. They can use the code themselves or choose to share it with a friend.
  4. The gift card can be redeemed in your store by entering its unique code during checkout.

Redeeming a Gift Card

  1. The customer applies the gift card via the provided input field in the shopping cart interface.
  2. The total owed amount of the cart gets reduced by the available balance of the gift card.
  3. Depending on the shopping cart value and gift card balance:
    • shopping cart total > gift card balance - the customer has to cover the remaining amount via another payment method
    • shopping cart total < gift card balance - the checkout can be completed without the need to enter payment information
  4. When the order is fully processed and all payments are completed, the used funds are withdrawn from the gift card balance.

If a gift card still has remaining funds in it after the payment, it can be used again for future purchases.

Adding Gift Cards Products to Your Store

To start selling gift cards, first you need to create a Reflow project (if you don't have one already) and add some products.

Creating gift card products is done from the Products page by clicking the Add Product button and then selecting Add Gift Card Product. You can visit the product docs to learn more about the available settings.

Product price and gift card value

When selecting a price for your gift card product, you are simultaneously choosing the price it will be sold for and the purchasing power of gift cards issued from buying this product.

Keep in mind that even when bought at a reduced price (via a coupon or other discount method), the value of the issued gift card will always be equal to the non-discounted price selected here.


Gift card products do not support variants. To offer gift cards of different values, create multiple gift card products instead.

Fulfilling Purchased Gift Cards

When a customer places an order that includes a gift card product, Reflow automatically generates a unique code for the purchased gift card and adds the card to your project.

Cards are created in an inactive state, and remain unusable until the payment for the respective order has been confirmed.

Once the payment comes through, the purchased gift card is activated and an email is sent to the customer. This email contains the unique gift card code and instructions on how to use it.

Stripe and PayPal payment

For orders with instant payment via Stripe or Paypal, the gift card is automatically activated and an email is sent as soon as the payment is confirmed.

To disable automatic sending of the email, go to Notification Settings > Customer Emails and disable Gift Card Purchased.

Custom payment methods

Orders with custom payment methods will not be fulfilled until their payment is confirmed using the Orders Dashboard. When marking an order as Paid from the Edit > Change Payment Status button, a dialog will pop up, giving you the option to activate the purchased gift card and send out an email with the code.

Fulfilling gift cards manually

You can also manually activate the gift cards from the Gift Cards page or from the dashboard for the order they were purchased in.

To send the email with the gift card code and instructions, use the Send Gift Card Email button. This is also the recommended way to resend customers their gift card code, in case they have lost or haven't received their original email.

Managing Issued Gift Cards

All existing gift cards can be viewed in the Gift Cards page. This gives you quick access to important information about each card:

  • Code - The last 4 characters of the gift card code. Gift cards are considered currency, so only the customer can see the full code.
  • Purchased By - The email of the customer that bought this gift card. Here you can also find a link to the order in which it was originally purchased.
  • Product - The product that this gift card is based on.
  • Value - The funds that were in the gift card when it was first created.
  • Balance - The currently available funds.

Transaction history

The gift card page shows a detailed history of all transactions in and out of the gift card. This includes the withdrawal amount for each order that the gift card was applied to, as well as any refunds that have occurred.

Deactivating Gift Cards

If you wish to block a gift card from being used, you can deactivate it from the Gift Cards page by switching off the Active toggle.

When a customer tries to use the gift card, they will see a message that they've entered an invalid code.


Marking an order as refunded will automatically deactivate all gift cards purchased in that order.

Important notes on gift cards

Please read the following notes carefully to make sure you are familiar with some of the features and limitations of Reflow gift cards.

Purchasing gift cards

  • It is not possible to purchase a gift card using another gift card.
  • Customers can check the remaining funds of their gift card by applying it to a shopping cart.
  • Coupons can be used when purchasing a gift card. The amount paid for the gift card will be reduced, but it's purchasing power will be for the full amount, unaffected by the coupon.
  • Gift card products are not subject to taxes.

Issuing gift cards

  • Gift card codes are auto generated. Reflow does not support manually selecting the code for a given gift card.
  • Once issued, a gift card cannot have more funds added.
  • All Reflow gift cards are digital. Reflow does not support issuing physical gift cards.
  • Gift card are issued in the currency of your project at the time of purchasing. If you change the project currency later, the old gift cards will not be usable.

Redeeming gift cards

  • Gift card codes are case-insensitive: QWER-1234-ASDF-5678 and qwer-1234-asdf-5678 are the same code.
  • Gift card stacking is disabled - only one gift card can be applied to a cart at a time.
  • A gift card can be reused as long as it has a positive balance.
  • Discounts from a gift card are applied to the total value of an order. Taxes, shipping prices and other fees can all be paid for via a gift card.
  • Gift cards can be used in conjunction with coupons in the same shopping cart.