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Digital Products

With Reflow you can easily sell digital products such as ebooks, art, design assets, courses, and more. In this guide we will go through the process of configuring a store for digital commerce, fulfilling orders, and tracking product downloads.

PRO Feature

Digital products are only available in the Reflow PRO plan. Subscribe to get access to digital products, as well as many other features including email customization options, increased product limits, and more.

Adding Digital Downloads

To start selling digital items, first you need to create a Reflow project (if you don't have one already) and add some products.

Creating digital products is done from the Products page by clicking the Add Product button and then selecting Add Digital Product. The product docs cover all of the available settings, for this guide we will focus on the Digital Downloads section.

When first creating the product, click on the Add Digital Download input and select an item from your file system. Click Save in the bottom of the page to persist the settings and upload the file to our server.

Download File Input

After a file has been uploaded, you can review it with the Download button or change it using Remove.

Download File Uploaded

If your product has variants, Reflow supports the option to have each variant offer a different file. Variant download files are managed though the Variants menu.

Variant Download Files

  • Only one file can be uploaded per product/variant. If you need to add multiple download items archive them in a zip and upload that.
  • The maximum size of all files (product + all variants) is 1 GB.

Fulfilling Digital Orders

When a customer places an order including digital products, Reflow makes it super easy to fulfill the order and send them their purchased downloads.

A trackable download link is prepared for each of the purchased products. These links are then sent to the customer in an email, where they can follow the links to download their files.

The time when a download links email is sent, will depend on the used payment method.

Stripe and PayPal Payment

For orders with instant payment via Stripe or Paypal, the email is automatically sent as soon as the payment is confirmed.

To disable automatic sending of the email, go to Notification Settings > Customer Emails and disable Digital Downloads.

Custom Payment Methods

Orders with custom payment methods will not be fulfilled until their payment is confirmed using the Orders Dashboard. When marking an order as Paid from the Edit > Change Payment Status button, a dialog will pop up, giving you the option to send an email with the download links.

You can also always manually send the download links email from the order page using the Send Download Links button. This is also the recommended way to resend customers their links, in case they have lost or haven't received their original email.

All existing download links can be viewed in the Products > Download Links page. This gives you quick access to important information about each link:

  • URL - The download link URL. You can copy it using the Copy icon on the right.
  • Order - The order which generated this link.
  • Product - The product and variant that were sold.
  • Downloads - The number of times the download link has been clicked.

If you wish to deactivate a certain link, toggle the respective Active switch off from the Download Links page. This will prevent any future downloads using this link. Instead, all visitors will see an empty 404 page.