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Product Personalization

With the personalization feature supplementary services and addons can be included on top of bought products. This is useful when you want to offer things like custom engravings, gift wrapping or extra pizza toppings.

Personalization Example

Here is how these options work:

  • Products can offer multiple personalization options. Each option is independent and not affected by the others.
  • Personalization offerings can be free or paid. Options can have different prices.
  • The price of an enabled personalization is added to the price of the product.
  • Prices for personalization addons are affected by taxes and discount coupons in the same way that products are.

Adding personalization options

To add personalization options, create a product or open an existing one for editing. On the page, go to Personalization and click the Add Personalization Option button. This will open the following dialog.

Personalization Dialog

From here you can click the Add Option button to create a new personalization. Each option has the following settings:

  • Name - A unique name describing the service / addon that is being offered.
  • Instructions - (optional) Short description of the personalization with instructions on what it does and how to use it.
  • Price - (optional) The price for this personalization. If left empty, the addon will be free.
  • Required - Make the personalization mandatory. Required personalizations are always free.
  • Type - The type of the personalization control - more on this in the Personalization Types section.

When you are happy with the setup, click the Confirm button. This will return you to the Product editing screen. You can edit the personalization settings again at any time.

To confirm the changes and make them live in your project website click the Save button.

Personalization Types

Reflow supports a number of personalization types that offer different ways for collecting data from customers.

Some of the personalization types also allow for validation rules to be configured.


Used for simple yes / no options.

Text Input

Used when you need customers to enter some text (e.g. letters to be engraved).

  • Validation Rules:
    • Min - (optional) Set the minlength attribute for the text input. Customers will need to enter at least that many characters to add the personalization.
    • Max - (optional) Set the maxlength attribute for the text input. Customers will not be able to add more characters than allowed.

Displays a dropdown input with a set of predefined options for the customer to choose from.

  • Validation Rules:
    • Dropdown Options - (required) The options that will be selectable in the dropdown menu. Presented as a list of comma separated strings (e.g. "Option A, Option B, Option C").

File Upload

Used when you need customers to upload a file. Only 1 file can be added and the max size is 10 MB.

When a customer places an order, all uploaded files will be available for download from the respective order page in the Reflow admin panel.

  • Validation Rules:
    • Accepted File Types - (optional) A comma separated list of accepted file extensions for the uploaded file (e.g. ".jpg, .png, .gif"). Leave empty to accept all files.

Copying Previous Configurations

Recent personalization setups will appear in the Product Personalization dialog for quick access. This way, when you have multiple products that offer similar addons you can copy over the config instead of doing it from scratch for each product.

Click on Recent personalization options, select the options you need and then click the Copy button. This will carry over all the settings to the current product.

Personalization Options in the Shopping Cart

While viewing a product page, customers will see the options right before the Add to Cart button.

Personalization in product component

Inside the shopping cart, the shown product price includes the cost of all enabled options. The separate price of each personalization is also displayed.

Personalization in cart component