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Product Feeds

With this feature you can generate XML feeds for importing your products into external services. This can be used for connecting your Reflow project to marketing and sales systems such as Google Merchant Center.

Product feeds are auto-updated - once you connect them to a service they will stay synced with any changes made to your project.

Connecting Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a service that displays your products across Google platforms such as Search, Maps, YouTube, and more. When users of these platforms search for your business or products, they will see relevant product cards that lead directly to your online store.

To connect your Reflow project with Google Merchant Center, go to Settings > Product Feeds and enable Google Shopping Feed. Make sure to enter a Store Link and Product Link for your feed and click save.

Reflow will generate an XML file that includes all the products of your project following Google's product data specifications. Save the Product File URL somewhere - it will be needed later.

Google Shopping Feed

Now that you have your product XML file ready to go, you will need to create a Google Merchant Center account and fill out some information about your business.

When your account is setup, go to Products from the Google Merchant Center navigation menu and select All Products > Add Products. Here you ill see three main options:

Google Merchant Add Products

  1. From the main cards on top select Add Products From a file.
  2. From the radio buttons below select Enter a link to your file.
  3. In the text input paste the Reflow Product File URL we saved earlier. It should look something like this{projectID}/feeds/google-shopping.
  4. Click Continue to import your products.

The syncing process might take a while. Once it finishes you will be able to see all your products in the Google Merchant Center.