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User Settings

The User Settings component allows your registered customers to edit the content of their profile. It takes advantage of Reflow's Auth feature.

The component has two states depending on the customer status:

  • Guest - Shown when the customer is not logged in. This state displays a button for signing in with an existing account or creating a new one.
  • Authenticated - For logged in users, the User Settings component shows a form with a number of inputs for changing the user's profile photo, name, email, shipping address and more.


How to Embed

To embed this component on your website include the reflow library, and add the following tag somewhere in the <body> of your page:

<div data-reflow-type="user-settings"></div>

Supported Attributes

You can configure the auth button behavior and the way it's rendered by specifying additional data-reflow-xxx attributes.

AttributePossible ValuesDescription
data-reflow-typeuser-settingsMust always be set.
data-reflow-showphoto, name, email, phone, address(optional) Comma separated list of form sections to display when the user is logged in. The sections not in the list will be hidden.

Example: data-reflow-show="photo, name"