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Auth Next

This is a library which you can use to add user accounts and subscriptions to any Next.js app using Reflow Auth. It requires Node 18+ and Next.js 13+

The @reflowhq/auth-next library is completely open-source and available on GitHub.

Main Features

  • Adds user accounts (both username+password and social sign in), authorization and subscriptions (with Stripe or Paddle) to any Next.js project.
  • Can be used to restrict access and enforce limits with feature flags and rate limits.
  • Works on both the Node.js and Edge runtimes.
  • Stores session data in a securely encrypted http-only cookie.
  • Can be used as a general Next.js session library for storing arbitrary data, so it replaces iron-session and others.
  • Works in both client and server components.
  • Simple to setup and integrate.

User Authentication Flow

The library manages authentication and user sign-in through a popup dialog window. When the sign-in process is initiated, the user is presented with a Reflow-hosted page that handles all of the necessary steps.

Thanks to this flow, your app can keep its state because the user never actually leaves the page. This makes for a nice developer experience and an integration that causes minimal friction with the rest of your code.

Example Applications

You can view a couple of the apps created using Reflow Auth Next below. They are all open-source and available on GitHub - feel free to check out their code to see the library in action!

How to Add Users

Auth Next Example

This app demonstrates integrating user auth and subscriptions. If you are looking for a boilerplate app to start with - this is the one.

How to Add Users

How to Add Users to Any Next.js app

This is a proof-of-concept application that showcases creating new accounts, sign in, sign out, and user profile settings.


Released under the MIT license. (c) Reflow HQ