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Importing and Exporting Accounts

Authenticated accounts in your Reflow project can be imported and exported using standard CSV files.

  • Exporting is useful when you need to keep a backup account data, or when you need to import user info into third-party software such as newsletter or CRM systems.
  • Importing can be used for migrating to Reflow from another service or for moving your users between Reflow projects.

Exporting User Accounts

To export the authenticated user accounts of your project, go to the users page and click the export button. This will generate and download a CSV file with account data. The format of this file is documented below, and you can find an example here.

Export CSV Format

Column HeaderDescription
User ID

A unique numeric identifier for this user (e.g. 12345677).

EmailA string indicating the user's email address.
NameA string indicating the name of the user.
Photo URL

A url leading to the user's avatar photo, hosted on the Reflow servers.

MetaA stringified JSON with meta data about the user.
ProviderThe provider the user initially used to create their account.

The date on which the user account was created. Uses fo format 2023-01-31 12:34:56.

Is Subscribed

Indicated whether or not the user has an active subscription. Valid values are TRUE and FALSE.

The remaining columns (listed below) will be filled only if the value of this is TRUE.

Subscription StatusThe status of the user's subscription.
Subscription PlanThe name of the user's subscription plan.
Subscription PriceThe price per period for the user's subscription.
Subscription Period

The billing period of the subscription, either month or year.


A stringified JSON with all the billing information about the subscription.

Customer ID

The ID of the corresponding customer record in Stripe or Paddle (depending on the subscription billing provider).

Importing User Accounts

Importing into Reflow is done by visiting the users page and clicking the Import button.

User Import Dialog

Reflow expects a CSV file with the following columns (see an example here).

Import CSV Format

Column HeaderRequiredDescription
EmailYesA string indicating the user's email address.
NameOptionalA string indicating the name of the user.

A stringified JSON with meta data about the user.

If this column exists and the user row contains a valid JSON, the object will be imported as account meta data and will be available in the meta property when using our API.

The format is compatible with the one Reflow exports, but only the Email, Name, and Meta columns are taken into account, other columns are ignored. In practice this means that you can export a CSV from one Reflow project and import it in another.


The email addresses of your Reflow users need to be unique. Any imported records with an email address that already exists in your project will be ignored.