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Subscription Plans

Plans in your Reflow project determine the various subscription levels you want to offer to your customers.

Depending on your use case, your project may feature only a single plan or multiple plans at different price points. Here are some popular pricing models for an app:

  • Simple - Single plan MyApp Subscription that users need to purchase in order to have access to the app. It unlocks all features.
  • Good, Better, Best - In this model, we have 3 distinct plans - Basic, Standard and Premium. Each plan costs more than the previous and offers more features. Users can migrate from one plan to another.
  • Freemium - Offers 2 plans - Free and Premium. The free plan costs $0/month, gives limited access to the app, and customers are required to enter a credit card in order to subscribe to it (even though it won't be charged). They can migrate to the Premium plan to get more features.

The pricing models above are only examples. You have complete freedom on how to organize your subscription plans!

Creating Plans

To create a plan go to the Plans dashboard and click Add Subscription Plan. Here you can configure a number of options that will determine how your plan functions. All fields except the ones marked as required are optional.

  • Name - required The name of this plan. It will be displayed in most interfaces and invoices.
  • Description - A short plaintext description of the plan. Fill it in if you wish to display it when rendering your pricing table.
  • Pricing - required The plan's prices determine the different pricing options for subscribing to this particular plan. These are explained in more detail in the Plan Prices section.
  • Include One-time Charge - Add a non-recurring payment to the first invoice of subscriptions to this plan. You can learn more about this feature in the one-time charges docs.
  • Free Trial Days - The number of free trial days that subscriptions to this plan start with. Leave the input field empty or enter 0 to not offer a free trial.
  • Features - A set of strings that can be displayed to customers to showcase what product features are unlocked with this plan. You will retrieve this list with the plans API call when rendering your pricing table.
  • Parameters - The plan parameters describe what features and limits will be available to the subscribers of this plan. They are defined in the form of key-value pairs and can be accessed from the Reflow Auth Library.

Plan Prices

Prices define the different amounts and billing periods offered for subscribing to a plan. Most commonly, this is in the form of one monthly price ($10/mo) and one annual price ($100/ye).

The amount is usually paid immediately upon starting the subscription and then at the beginning of each billing cycle (monthly or annually).

Adding Plan Prices

Adding prices is done from the plan page by clicking the Add Price button. You can add as many prices as you wish, the only condition is that the plan has at least one active price.

Plan prices have a number of configuring options, all of which (except the description) are required and cannot be changed once set.

  • Price - The cost of the subscription if this price is chosen. The currency is determined by your project settings.
  • Billing Period - This determines the interval between each recurring payment, either month or year.
  • Charge Taxes - When this is enabled, the price will be taxed.
    • If using subscription with Stripe, make sure you have Stripe Tax enabled on your Stripe account in order to use this feature.
    • The tax amount will depend on your tax registrations, the customer's billing address, VAT numbers, and other factors.
    • You can set the Tax Behavior to either inclusive or exclusive to determine how taxes are calculated.
  • Description - (optional) A description to help you with price organization. This is only for you and will not be shown to customers.

Updating Plan Prices

If at any point you want to adjust the prices for which a plan is offered, you can do so by adding new prices and archiving the old ones.

This will not change existing subscriptions - all subscribers will continue to pay the old price (grandfathered in). If you wish to migrate existing subscriptions to the new price, you will need to do this manually by changing subscriber pricing.

Archiving Plans & Prices

If you wish to no longer offer a certain plan or price, you can archive it from the respective plan's page. Archived plans and prices will not be shown to customers. Attempts to create subscriptions associated with them will be blocked.

Archiving plans or prices does not affect existing subscriptions - customers already subscribed to them will continue to be billed with the regular schedule.

Deleting Plans

A subscription plan cannot be deleted while there is one or more active subscriptions associated with it. If there are no subscriptions, or all of them have expired, the plan can be deleted from the Plans page by clicking Actions -> Delete.

Plan prices cannot be deleted at any point. They can only be archived.