# Payment Methods

Adding Payment Methods to your Reflow account will enable you to receive payments from customers of your store. Reflow supports PayPal (opens new window) and Stripe (opens new window), as well as custom user configured payment methods.

Reflow offers support for a wide variety of currencies. For a complete list visit the currency documentation.

# Connecting PayPal

If you don't have a PayPal account already, sign up for PayPal (opens new window) and finish the required account setup.

When your PayPal account is ready, go to Payment Methods in the Reflow admin panel and click Add Payment Method -> Connect PayPal. A dialog will appear, requesting the email address associated with your PayPal account. We will use this email only for connecting your Reflow and PayPal accounts.

After you've entered your PayPal account email, click the Connect button to finish the setup.

# Connecting Stripe

From the Payment Methods page go to Add Payment Method -> Connect Stripe. This will redirect you to the Stripe website, where you can create your store account.

The Stripe account setup requires a lot of data about your store. You don't have to fill it all out at once - use the Return to Reflow link at any time to save your progress. Once you are ready to finish the Stripe registration, go back to the Payment Methods page and click the Continue Onboarding button.

# Verifying Stripe Account

It's possible that Stripe will conduct a verification check on your account. In that case you will see the "Stripe is verifying your account" message in the Payment Methods page. These checks are usually resolved quickly and your account will be ready to use soon.

When the verification is complete, the page will show your Stripe account_id and the Enabled option will be active. This means the setup is complete and your customers can now pay using Stripe.

# Stripe Payment Options for European stores

The Stripe platform offers several payment options for Reflow stores that have EUR as their currency. You can select which ones are presented to your customers by clicking Stripe -> Actions -> Payment Options from the payment settings page.

You may be required to activate the selected payment methods from the Stripe dashboard (opens new window) as well.

Stripe payment options


For stores with currencies different from EUR the only supported option is "Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay".

# Creating Custom Payment Methods

Custom methods can be used for adding payment options like Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery or anything else specific to you store's needs.

In contrast to the PayPal and Stripe integrations where orders are processed automatically by Reflow, custom payment methods are manual. This means that it is up to you to update the order as paid in your store's orders page when you receive your customer's funds.

Custom methods are presented as a payment option in your store's checkout page. When customers select a custom payment method, they will be presented with instructions for completing the order that you've prepared. Reflow will send you an email informing you of the placed order.

To create a Custom Payment Method go to the Payment Methods page and click Add Payment Method -> Custom Method. This will open a dialog where you can enter:

  • Name - The name of the payment option. This will be displayed to customers as a button in the checkout form.
  • Instructions to Customer - (optional) Give instructions to the user on how they can send the payment. In the text you can use the {orderid} placeholder to insert the ID of the order and {amount} to insert the total amount required for payment.
  • Expiration time - How many days to wait for payment before automatically cancelling the order.

Here is an example for a custom Bank Transfer payment configuration:

Custom payment example configuration

# Reordering Payment Methods

You can configure the order in which payment methods are presented to customers. This is done by using the handles on the left of the payment methods table.

# Disabling Payment Methods

If you wish to disable one of the payment providers, you can do so temporarily or permanently.

# Temporarily

From the Payment Methods page switch the Enabled toggle off. This will keep your respective PayPal/Stripe account connected but will stop offering it as a payment option in your store.

You can enable it back on at any time by switching the Enabled toggle on.

# Permanently

To permanently remove a payment method go to Payment Methods and click the Disconnect/Delete option in the Actions menu.