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Team Members

Stores with a subscription to Reflow can have up to five team members working together.

All members of the team have full access to the store and will be able to view orders, create and change products, configure store settings, and more.

Inviting Members

You can invite people to join your team from the team management page in the Reflow dashboard. Click the Add Team Member button, enter the name of the new member and click Create Invitation. An invite link will be generated that can be sent to the person you wish to add to the team.

Team Invitation Link

Upon opening the link, the invited person will see a web page for joining the team. If they don't have a Reflow account, they will need to create one first and sign-in.

Team Management

You can see all current team members and their respective roles in the team management page. Each team can consist of a maximum of five people.

If you've invited someone by mistake, you can remove them from the team by clicking the Revoke Access button next to their name. The user will be immediately removed from the team and will no longer be able to view your store from their Reflow account.

Security Tip

After removing someone from your team, make sure to disable any old API keys and replace them with new ones. Otherwise, the removed team member may continue accessing your store through the API.