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General Settings

In the General Settings page you can find various important options for configuring your online store and the Reflow platform.


This section contains options for adapting your store to meet the needs of a specific region.

  • Name - The name of your store. Customers will see this in their Shopping Cart.
  • Currency - The currency used for everything in your store, including product prices and shipping costs. For a full list of available currencies visit the Currency Support docs.
  • Measurement Units - The weight and size units for all items in the store. Changing this will not convert existing measurements. You will have to update them manually.

Here you can configure links to store pages that will be shown in the Shopping Cart. All settings in this section are optional.

  • Website - The URL of your website's landing page.
  • Shop Homepage - The URL for the homepage of your shop.
  • Order Status Page - A URL to a page on your website where an Order Status component is included. If set, the purchase emails that customers receive will include a link to see their order. Otherwise the emails will just list the purchased products with no option to view in the browser.
  • Manage User Subscription Page - A URL to a page on your website where you've implemented subscription management. If set, the emails that customers receive when subscription events occur will include a link to this page.
  • Terms of Service - A URL to your store's Terms of Service page.
    • Customer must agree to ToS - Customers will be required to click a checkbox, agreeing to the ToS, before placing an order.
  • Privacy Policy - A URL to your store's Privacy Policy page.
    • Customer must agree to Privacy Policy - Customers will be required to click a checkbox, agreeing to the Privacy Policy, before placing an order.
  • Refund Policy - A URL to your store's Refund Policy page.
    • Customer must agree to Refund Policy - Customers will be required to click a checkbox, agreeing to the Refund Policy, before placing an order.

Cart Options

In this section there are a couple of options regarding the way shopping carts are handled in your store.

  • Minimum Cart Value - When set, orders under that value will not be accepted. Customers will be prompted to add more products until they reach the minimum cart value. Shipping costs and taxes are excluded.
  • Collect Phone Number - If this option is enabled customers will be required to enter their phone number when placing an order. When the option is disabled, the phone number input is hidden from the cart interface altogether.


The inventory settings control how Reflow manages product stock quantities and availability.

  • Auto Update Product Stock - When new orders are placed, the stock quantity for the bought products will be automatically adjusted. This is applicable only to products with Advanced Inventory.
  • Hide sold out products - Products that are currently out of stock and are not available for purchase will not be visible in the store.

Store Status


The settings in this section can have drastic effects on your store. Please change them with caution.

Vacation Mode

Reflow gives you the option to temporarily put your shop on hold. This can be useful during holidays, when you are unable to operate the shop or are simply taking a break.

While your shop is in vacation mode, store pages will remain visible and customers will still be able to browse all product listings. However, creating new orders will be unavailable.

In product pages the Add To Cart button will be disabled. You can also optionally add a message informing your customers about the vacation and when you will be back.

Product Vacation Mode

How to Enable Vacation Mode

From the store settings enable the Vacation Mode toggle. This will make the Vacation Announcement input appear where you can enter your message for visiting customers during the break. Leave it empty if you don't wish to display a message.

Vacation Mode Settings

When you want to open the store again, simply turn off the vacation mode and everything will go back to operating as usual.

Disable Store

This option is useful when you want to hide your store completely, so that it is not accessible by Reflow components or the API. Customers will not be able to see any of your store's Reflow pages, products or other assets.

Disabling the store is not final. You can re-enable your store at any time.

Delete Store

If you wish to completely delete the store and all of its assets, use the Delete Store button. After confirmation, the store will be moved to the Disabled State for 30 days. After this period expires, all of the store's data will be permanently deleted.