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Getting Started

Reflow is a backend as a service which makes it easy to add User Auth, Subscriptions and Ecommerce to any React and front-end project. This guide will walk you through setting up and integrating Reflow with your codebase.

Depending on your skill level and familiarity with modern front end development, we have several integration options:

  • React - a set of hooks and components for integrating auth, subscriptions and ecommerce in any React project. This is what we'll be working with in this guide. Requires a good working knowledge of React.
  • Vanilla JS - a number of dependency-free libraries that can be used in any JavaScript project. Requires JavaScript experience.
  • HTML Toolkit - a framework-agnostic JavaScript library which scans your page for special HTML tags, and replaces them with functional ecommerce components. This is a low-code solution, you just need to be familiar with HTML. It is covered in a dedicated guide.
  • Server Side Integrations - For server-side languages and cloud functions, you can read through our API and Webhooks docs.

You can see the sections of this guide in the sidebar, and links to our other guides in the header.